KAMA Orchestra

KAMA Orchestra is the new shooting star of Potsdam’s music scene. The group blends Global Beats, Funk, Jazz, and electronic club sounds to create their signature Brass Groove. With a 20-strong Brass Section and a driving Rhythm Section, this formation will get you dancing in a heartbeat.
Ever since its inception in the summer of 2021, KAMA Orchestra has been committed to making community music and connecting people from all walks of life – both on stage and on the dancefloor. Having just released their first music video, the group is currently finishing work on their first album and anxious for the 2023 festival season.

Rhythm Section:
Jona Freigang - Drums
Falk Hannemann - Drums
Katrin Müller - Tuned Percussion
David Tchegloff - Guitar, Percussion
Franziska Pfeiffer - Percussion
Kolja Heins - Percussion
Buchan Heiß - Bass
Zoe Mader - Keys
Philipp Meister - Guitar
Jan Hennecke - Guitar

Brass Section:
AnNett - Trumpet
Magda Jakob - Trumpet
Kai Mader - Alto 1
Anja Lutter - Alto 1
Stine Vogel - Alto 1
Sepehr Foroushani - Alto 2
Franka Grünewald - Alto 2
Josy Waage - Alto 2
Arne Assmann - Alto 2
Linus Benz - Tenorsax
Jens Oldenburg - Tenorsax
Lucian Wizisla - Tenorsax
Maria Martinez - Tenorsax
Rune Mader - Baritonesax
Barbara Stacherl - Baritonesax
Jules Waage - Baritonesax
Richie Kardorf - Trombone

Livesound: Anna Ducksch, Anna Kowalkowski