Back when I lived it 71 it used to be guitar, bass and drums
We heard about this guy in Potsdam West
who was supposed to blow a mean old sax
He stepped into our little funky lair and
brought the pain upon them fools out there
And just in case you’re still wondering who
right here is big f’in Toni making love to you (it goes)
Aha – shiiii - Aha
Is that a bird or a plane ? Floatin‘ up in the sky?
No it’s that slick horn playa always comin‘ in high
Is it ‚Bird‘ or ‚Trane‘ blowin lines on the tracks
No, that’s old Toni Kowalski – the Tyrano Saurus Sax
Late for rehearsal – late to the beat but not one second too slow –
when it’s time to go eat
And just in case you’re still not knowing the truth brother Toni,
plese come on step up to the booth (I’m sayin‘)
Aha – shiiii - Aha
Ey Toni, bist du bereit, Alter?
Shiii – Aha